Fugazzeta with Grilled Chicken (Flatbread)

    Onion Compote, grilled onions, provolone, chimichurri with grilled chicken

    Sudamerica w/ Grilled Chicken (Flatbread)

    Red Pepper sauce, roasted onions, peppers, mozzarella, pickled onions with grilled chicken

    Sudamerica (Flatbread)

    Red Pepper sauce, roasted onions, peppers, mozzarella, pickled onions

    Fugazzeta (Flatbread)

    Onion Compote, grilled onions, provolone, chimichurri

    The Grand Margarita

    features Tequila and Grand Marnier with a salt rim

    Captain Attitude

    features Captain Morgan Spiced Rum, Pepsi and a Fireball Float

    Seipsville Cosmopolitan

    features Absolut Citron and Triple Sec

    Seipsville Cider

    features Apple Cider, Sliced Rum and Fireball Float

    1760 Punch

    house drinks with Barcardi Dark Rum, Trip;e Sec, Orange Juice

    Bradshaw Bourbon Bomb

    featuring Terry Bradshaw Bourbon

    Burger Classic

    8 oz juicy patty cooked medium, tabasco mayo, lettuce, tomato, brioche bun


    slow cooked octopus, spanish styled fried rice, sofrito, chorizo, Verde Valley micro greens


    10 oz sous vide pork chop, apple compote, frizzled onions, brussels sprouts

    Argentinian Styled Ribeye

    12oz grilled Angus boneless ribeye with homemade chimchurri sauce, crispy potatoes, brussels sprouts

    Shrimp Al Ajillo

    8 shrimp sauteed in paprika garlic oil over boiled Spanish potatos

    Atlantic Salmon

    6oz pan seared salmon filet, yellow pepper sauce, roasted cauliflower, squash mix

    Winter Cod

    6oz pan seared filet, Primorda mushroom broth, steamed oyster/cremini/shitaki mushrooms, winter vegetables, Verdi Valley Farms micro peas

    Pesto Shrimp Salad

    Shrimp, house made pesto (nut free), baby arugula, mozzerella

    Tempura Calamari

    Deep fried crispy squid and veggies, cilantro sauce

    Crab Empanadas

    Crab, onions, red bell pepper

    Salmon Empanadas

    Salmon, cremini mushrooms, house aioli

    Empanadas Carne

    Argentinian style with ground beef, boiled egg, olives

    Mixed Veggies

    A mix of roasted cauliflower, brussels sprouts

    Truffle Fries$6.00
    Fried Pastelitos

    Puff Pastry, quince puree

    Tres Leches cake

    South American Classic

    Burger Hispana

    8oz juicy pattie cooked medium, red pepper sauce, roasted peppers, frizzle onions

    Burger Argentinian

    8oz juicy pattie cooked medium, chimichurry, provolone, grilled onions

    Scallops Over Squash Risotto

    6 jumbo seared in butter, bed of butternut squash risotto, parm crumbles, micro cilantro from Verde Valley Farm

    Twin Crab Cakes & Corn Chowder

    2 seared lump crab patties with our summer corn chowder

    Lou's 8oz Burger

    8oz patty cooked medium, mayo, garlic, Tabasco Emulsion

    Cobb Salad

    Romaine, hard boiled egg, bacon, grilled chicken, blue cheese crumbles

    Corn Chowder

    Chowder with sweet corn, potatoes, topped with bacon crumble

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