, Prime New York Strip

    12oz Prime Cut Grilled Filet, Jalapeno-Mint Puree, Grilled Aspargus, Eggplant, Charred Yuca

    Smoked Eggplant

    Smoked and Deep Fried Eggplant, Yellow Pepper Mash, Pea Salad


    Spanish Rice, Housemade Lobster Sofrito, Garlic Alioli, Squid, Clams, Shrimp

    Seips Cod

    6oz Pan Seared Cod Filet, Butternut Sweet Potato-Yuca Puree, Roasted Organic Broccolette, Spring Beans, Housemade Plaintain Chips

    Fried Cod Sandwich

    Gentle Fried Cod Filet on Tempura Batter, Garlic Emulsion, Lettuce, Brioche Bun


    10 oz Sous Vide Pork Chop Wrapped in Bacon Slices, Spinach Puree, Frizzled Onions, Seared Royal Trumpet Mushrooms, Poached Asparagus

    Argentinian Styled Ribeye

    12oz grilled Angus Boneless Ribeye with Homemade Chimchurri Sauce, Crispy Potatoes, Spring Beans

    Shrimp Al Ajillo

    8 shrimp sauteed in paprika garlic oil over boiled Spanish potatos

    Atlantic Salmon

    6oz pan seared Salmon Filet, Yellow Pepper Sauce, Leeks Puree, Slow Poached Sugar and Snow Peas